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Home Schoolers

I love home schoolers.  I love the way they approach life.  Sure, I’ve been the one heard saying things like, “homeschool = doesn’t play well with others”, or “home schoolers have no class”, or “my dad can beat up your principal (dad)”.  Part of the reason I make fun of home schoolers is because I am jealous.  Here’s the scenario:  sleep in till noon, roll out into the kitchen in your jammies, pop in a DVD about world history, have your mom give you a test while eating lunch, chat with other home schoolers in an “educational” chat room, then go outside and play soccer (that would be phys-ed).  Heck yeah, I’m jealous.  That wasn’t what school looked like for me.

For all that I say about home schoolers I truly love them.  From all of my experiences with the many home school students that we have at Impact they are some of the most creative, artistic, fun to be around kids.  Yesterday we had four home school students helping us out with a large mailing that we are getting ready to send out.  The job that they had was to place shipping labels onto 18″ mailing triangle tubes.  The problem that they faced was, “What do we do with 800 shipping tubes once the labels are placed on them?”  Well, they may not have had a teacher yesterday as they helped us but they still attended class.  In the short time that it took them to complete their task (home schoolers are also very hard workers) they had completed completed assignments in ART, CREATIVE WRITING, ARCHITECTURE, GEOMETRY, and PHYSICS.  The one class that they could still use some help in would be spelling…

Julia, Laura, Tyler & Abbie.  You truly do RAWK!  Thanks for all of your help yesterday.