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Prayer Jogging

I started jogging again a while back.  It’s not something that I love to do, or even something that I like to do.  But I know that just working out with weights is not enough for me.  I want to be able to run with my  grandchildren some day.  Running will help me be in the position physically to do that.  

Everything we do sets us up for the future we will live in.

A practice that I have begun is to run at the local High School and Middle School at night.  As I run through the parking lots (the track is dark but the lots are lit) I pray for the schools.  To be honest the schools don’t have the best of reputations right now academically or socially.  I pray as I run that there would be students that know God that would be bold enough to share their faith with their friends.  That the students in the school would begin to walk in the light of the Lord and that the negative forces that have taken hold of many of the students at the school would be overpowered by positive, affirming words from many caring, grace-filled students.

I pray for these schools not only because I am passionate about connecting teenagers with Jesus and helping them grow in their relationship with him but also because in a few short years my oldest daughter will attend the middle school.  I want that school to make a turnaround even before she walks through the hallways for her first day of school.  I want that school to be a place where my daughter will make lasting healthy friendships that will carry her through her jr. and sr. high school years.  I also want the school to be a place where many students are sent from to impact their world.  I pray for world changers to be produced by that school.  That many students would look beyond their own desires for success and find creative ways to help those around them to succeed in life.

Prayer is powerful.  The end of James 5:16 says that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  I love that.  Not that I would go so far as to call myself righteous – I’ll leave that for Bill & Ted to speak of me – but that my prayers are effective.  Lord, may that be so!  I am all to aware that I do not battle against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12) and that there are spiritual forces at work in every school.  I know that there is a battle going on for this generation of students.  That is why I pray.  I know that the words that I utter through my strained breathing as I run laps in the parking lots are powerful and effective.  I honestly can’t wait to see the fruit of my prayers and the many others that have gone before me and are still currently praying.

Let me challenge you to do the same.  You can skip the running, but start praying.  Pray for the schools in your communities.  Maybe you live nearby a school.  Walk around the school.  Touch the bricks that the school is built with.  Pray that students, teachers, and faculty would be blessed in the school.  Pray that they would be encouraged.  Pray that they would meet God!  

As I said in the beginning of this post – Everything we do sets us up for the future we will live in!