Archive for August 29th, 2008


It seems as though I’m having more and more conversations with people who are dealing with a current identity crisis.  Far too many people wrap up what they do into who they are.  Even worse, people are trying to be someone that they are not.  If we could only truly understand that our identity comes more from what God has done for us than what we are doing we would experience true peace, freedom, and happiness in our lives.

It seems as though people in positions of ministry get caught in this trap more than most.  Rather than living in our identity as a child of God we take on the identity of what we do.  We become humans doing rather than human beings.  When we step away from ministry from a time we don’t know what to do.  We lose sight of who we are.  We face an identity crisis.  I think that is why it is a good idea to live in the spirit of sabbath.  We need to find regular times of retreat where we can stop doing and continue exploring who we are.

It’s never too late to step into the identity of who you are.  Who God created you to be.  Quit trying to be someone else and embrace who you are.