Get A Free One-on-One Youth Ministry Mentor

My friend Tim Schmoyer over at Life in Student Ministry is making a great opportunity available for youth leaders.  If you’ve been in youth ministry for 2 years or fewer and would like to have a FREE one-on-one youth ministry mentor for 10 weeks, read the official Youth Ministry Mentorship page. The link to the application is there. It’s open to anyone who serves in youth ministry in any capacity, whether that be on a volunteer basis or as a full-time youth pastor.  This is a very exciting opportunity for new youth pastors/leaders to get some very practical advice and tools for longevity in ministry.  The Youth Ministry Mentor Team is made up of youth ministry veterans who desire to see more Kingdom growth through passionate youth ministries.

I myself am very excited as this is a new opportunity for myself to be involved in training and equipping a youth pastor through a mentoring relationship.  The application period is open for only 2 weeks. After Tuesday, September 9, no further applications will be accepted. So Read an overview of the mentorship and apply here.

Special thanks go to’s sponsorship. This program is offered free of charge to everyone who participates! They’re covering the cost of purchasing and shipping all the necessary books and resources you get as an accepted participant of the mentorship. creates video curriculum for youth groups that contains some of the most outrageous stunts I’ve ever seen, all for the purpose of illustrating Biblical truth. Check out some of these crazy video clips to see what I mean.

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