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You Choose

About a week ago we had a photo shoot for our staff at GCC.  I can say quite honestly that I have never been very photogenic.  I usually have a crooked smile, closed eyes, and accentuated balding.  I guess the difference is in the photographer.  We met up with a couple from our church that take amazing pictures, Matt & Liz Hinkley at Hinkley Photography.  Since having my pictures taken by them I have been following their blog and checking the shots that they take – incredible stuff!  If you ever need pictures taken for an event or just some family shots, do yourself a favor – skip out on Sears and Walmart and connect with Matt & Liz.

Now, I need your help.  You choose.  Which picture should I go with?  I’m thinking of revamping the header on my blog and I need to update my picture on the GCC Staff page.  Let me know which one I should go with.









Just leave me a comment with the number that you think I should use.  While you’re out on the web – swing by and say hello to Matt & Liz.  This couple was a blast to hang out with and made having pictures taken a joy.