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O2 – Breathing New Life Into Faith

I picked up a new book last week by Richard Dahlstrom.  Honestly, I knew nothing about the author and had never had anyone recommend the book to me.  Very honestly, the cover art on the book just caught my eye as the titling “O2” intrigued me.  After reading through this book I can say that I enjoyed almost all of it.  One section really stood out to me.  Dahlstrom talks about Jesus and His message of the kingdom.  Most times we talk about either personal transformation or social justice and there seems to be a chasm between the two rather than them being connected.  Allow me to quote Dahlstrom from page 74.

Maybe the pathway to peace will entail a reduction in my own standard of living so that instead of a few of us in the world multiplying storage sheds for junk we don’t need, wealth is more evenly distributed.  Putting an end to human trafficking will require that people stop treating each other as sexual toys.  Furthering the cause of racial equality will mean that I need to step across the chasms that so easily divide me or my faith community from others.  I must become proactive in entering into the chaos, truth telling, and hospitality that are vital for reconciliation to really occur.  In other words, Jesus’ kingdom won’t come because society changes or because laws change.  It will come because we change – each of us in ways that are threatening to our status quo.

This is the challenge that I am trying to live by more and more.  It’s the reason why I joined the Junky Car Club.  I love the motto for the club, “living with less so others can have more”.  I’ll keep driving my junker in order to make it possible to be more generous to those who have so little.  Just this simple idea of not upgrading my car – even though it is dying – so that I can be free to bless those who have financial needs has given me such joy and peace.  I’ve actually been keeping my eye open for another car that will replace my existing car but I have set a budget of $2000 for the car so that I can pay for it outright and continue living without a monthly car payment.

As I embrace the world around me with financial support I feel that much more connected to the needs that exist.  Rather than cheerlead for the causes that have great needs, I get to put my money where my mouth is and as I do I feel my faith grow as I learn to depend more on Him to provide for my needs as I help t provide for the needs of others.  I am so digging this…