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Violent (Silent) Man Prayer

The room was set for Violent Man Prayer this evening.  The lights were dimmed, the music was cranking loud, people were beginning to come in for prayer – and then it happened.  I opened my Bible and began reading from Acts when a verse jumped out at me.  Acts 10:33

“and it was good of you to come. Now we are all here in the presence of God to listen to everything the Lord has commanded you to tell us.”

I walked towards the soundboard and muted the audio that was playing through the room.  I shared with those that were there that I believed the Holy Spirit wanted to speak directly to us during our time and that this was not an evening for loud prayer but a time for quiet.  There are times when great music can be distracting.  There are times when we create noise that keeps us from hearing what God wants to whisper to us.

As the room went silent we each took a moment to cry out to God – “speak Lord, we are listening.”  I sat quietly for about 20 minutes just waiting for what God wanted to reveal to me tonight.  The Holy Spirit will never let us down.  He spoke and I listened.  It is very comforting to hear confirmation come in the whispers of God.  

Quiet times can be uncomfortable.  Tonight was a great exercise for each person that attended VMP and I am sure that each person heard what they needed to in relation to what they were seeking.  May you each be encouraged to unplug and sit quietly.  Removing distractions from your life, even for a short time, can add to the depth of your time with God.  Many times we spend a lot of time speaking to God but then expect an instant answer from Him.  Find the time to be quiet and wait on Him.  Sit and listen – He will speak.