Top 10 Facebook Groups

It’s no surprise that this generation of young people are socially conscious.  But what are they putting their energy into?  A look at the top 10 activist groups on Facebook seem a bit alarming to me…

  1. Reduce the Drinking Age to 18! – 82,009
  2. Legalize Same-Sex Marriage – 81,516
  3. Americans for Alternative Energy – 72,333
  4. Support a Woman’s Right to Choose – 69,911
  5. Support Stem Cell Research – 58,305
  6. Abolish Abstinence Only Sex Education – 52,847
  7. Government + Religion = Disaster – 49,102
  8. AIDS / HIV research – 26,819
  9. Equal Rights for Gays – 24,912
  10. Pro-Life – 22,699
So where are we headed?  How can we help steer this generation in a direction that will make a positive change in this world.  When I look at these activist groups I see inward thinking.  It all seems selfish.  Where are the groups that strive to end poverty, hunger, or provide education or clean water?  We’ve got lots to do…

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