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About a month ago we had an incredible baptism service during our Sunday services.  We baptized 60 people that day between the 2 services.  It was absolutely amazing!  I am still in awe of the stories that people shared as they prepared to enter the waters of baptism.  Collin Locker was one of those who was baptized.  Rather than give a regular, run-of-the-mill testimony her shared a poem that he wrote out the inspiration of his life.  Below is the poem that he wrote.


A New Beginning 

And now I begin anew,

the blood of both of us has been spilt,

and his has cleansed me with grace.

No matter what I’ve done,

No matter what I’ve said,

No matter what I’ve felt,

Freedom is finally mine. 

My jail breaker has stormed the prison of which I was enclosed.

  As tears of confusion and sorrow fall,

I ask this of you: 

Do not pity my suffering,

for it is gone now.

Do not fret for my old way,

for they have been diminished.

Do not worry for my safety,

for now I am protected.

Do not hide from me,

for I will never hurt you again.

Do not remember the pains I’ve caused,

for I regret them more than you could know.

Do not allow my past to fool you,

for I am no longer plagued by its memory.

Do not recall my lies,

for now I want to speak the truth.

Do not remember me,

for what I was is no longer living. 

Like a phoenix from the ash,

I am reborn.

Many people have asked about this poem and wanted to know how a kid could have such depth in his writing.  This is nothing!  Collin has begun blogging.  Check him out here.  I truly feel that the Lord is raising up a prophetic voice from this younger generation.  Check it out often and please comment on his blog – encourage his gift of writing and spur him on in this calling.