1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Today marks the one year mark for my blog.  Over the past year I have celebrated many events, been to Israel, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Maine.  I have enjoyed laughing with friends, sharing the hardships of a family that has lost their son, rejoiced with so many that were baptized at GCC, and shared my thoughts on youth ministry.  I’m still amazed that over the course of a year I have been visited almost 20,000 times.

As I look over the last year I come full circle.  This blog began sharing prayer requests to parents for last years summer camp.  We begin again this year doing the same thing.  We are just 1 week away from this years youth camp and I am in prep mode for what I will be sharing this year.  Please pray that the words I speak are not mine but those that the Holy Spirit is able to speak through me.  In past years I have been the camp director.  This year I am passing the torch to Chris & Mindy Mazzola as I will be speaking.  I know that Chris & Mindy will do a great job but please pray for them as well.  Pray also for the youth that will be attending this years camp.  Pray that they will have their hearts ready to receive all that God wants to pour into them.

Here’s to another great year!

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