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The Sacred Echo

Margaret Feinberg has done it again.  The Sacred Echo reads easily – as if you were speaking together in a cafe over a warm cup of coffee.  As Margaret writes, she shares with us stories of her friends and how she has been praying for them over the years.  This book serves as a great reminder to never give up on God and to persevere in prayer for the long haul.  I was refreshed after reading the examples she gave about the many people she has been praying for over the years but was also challenged by her thoughts on what to do when it feels like there are no answers.

The Sacred Echo reminds us that God wants to be known and the best way He can be known by us is through repetition.  God wants us to get it and sometimes listening for His voice isn’t enough for us.  Being a thick-headed as I am some days I know that through His “echo” or repeating messages His desire for me and others will eventually sink in.  The Sacred Echo reminds us to listen for the recurring themes in our conversations, prayers, and emails that all tend to send us in a single direction.

When God really wants to get your attention, he doesn’t just say something once.  He echoes.

Pick up a copy of The Sacred Echo when it becomes available and enjoy.