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Rwanda Wells

I’ve had a few of these pictures in my sidebar for about a week now.  This is the first well that the youth of NNE4 & Impact have raised money to drill.  I am still amazed at the passion with which the youth have in making wells happen.  Week after week we have seen young people give sacrificially in order to provide clean, safe drinking water for the people of Rwanda.

I had the opportunity to sit with Pastor Augustine on Friday.  Augustine is in the states for a month on rest.  As he sat in my office he asked about the well project and how it all came about.  As I shared with him that I had not raised the $10,000.00 needed to drill the first well (our goal is 200 wells throughout Rwanda) but that it was the youth he saw pictured on my office wall he was moved to tears.  I can’t even begin to share how much he was blessed to hear of young people from New Hampshire who have never met him or the people from the village of Nyarukurazo giving so much so that they could have water that would no longer lead to sickness and death.

Our relationship with Pastor Augustine goes back about 7 years when he came to New Hampshire and met with several area pastors.  While he was here he needed a place to stay.  Enter the Smyth family.  Richard and Robin Smyth and their four children opened their home to Pastor Augustine and fell in love with him.  As their relationship grew the Smyth’s made plans to visit Augustine in Rwanda.  After spending some time in Rwanda the Smyth’s could not escape the burden they felt for the people of Rwanda.  For the past 3 years the Smyth’s have been full time missionaries to the people of Rwanda.  

It is encouraging to hear month after month from Richard as he shares stories in his newsletter about their adventures in serving the street boys, helping in the orphanages, and reaching the people of Rwanda with the love of Jesus.  As I sat with Augustine I was reminded that we began our quest to drill wells last summer when we had the chance to talk with the Smyth kid’s at our summer camp.  What began as a conversation has now turned into a movement that is engaging more and more students.  It all began with the Smyth’s opening their home to Augustine while he needed a place to stay.  Now they are living in his country serving his people and we have found a way to continue blessing the people of Rwanda out of the blessing that we have.

May this serve as a reminder that God can work through anyone and every situation.  When you open your home to someone in need it may lead to a life changing move across the world.  When you share a conversation and hear of a dramatic need you may end up doing whatever you can to drill wells in a foreign land.  May you make the most of every opportunity!