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Parties & Celebrations

I love to have fun.  I love parties.  The more I look at the life of Jesus I see this to be true in Him as well.  That is why I am so excited for this weekend.  This weekend is the culmination of a series of parties for me…

Yesterday evening we wrapped up the 30 Hour Famine.  This was not just the youth from Impact that were involved.  We had 4 churches from the Capital Region represented under one roof at CenterPoint Church for 30 hours.  During this time we fasted and raised money to help World Vision care for the needs of many.  This was a phenomenal time together.  Overall we have 40 people involved and raised a total of $3,395.00 that will help provide food, healthcare, clean water, and education for so many.  Reason number one to party.

Today we are having our largest baptism service in the history of Grace Capital Church.  64 people from all ages and walks of life will be proclaiming their faith to the world in our 2 baptism services.  I’ll be in the tank during the second service and will have the privilege of baptizing 5 of the youth from Impact as well as so many friends – this is what it is all about my friends!  Reason number two to party.

Today, nine years ago, my first daughter came into this world.  Over the last nine years I have been amazed at how she has grown, how quickly she learns things, and how beautiful (just like her mom) she has become.  I get to laugh with her today as we celebrate her birthday.  Reason number three to party.

This evening I board a plane headed to Houston, Texas where we will be a part of the Foursquare Convention.  This will be a time to do some relaxing after a very busy month but also a time to gather with friends from around the nation.  I’ve got a few meetings set up to have coffee with people much smarter than I to pick their brains on youth ministry, missions, and what a thriving college/young adult ministry can look like.  It’s also a time to sit under some great teaching.  I am very excited, and also quite a bit proud, of my own Senior Pastor and friend, Peter Bonanno, who will be speaking in during one of the main sessions and the convention.  If you think of it on Thursday please pray for him as he speaks (I know he would appreciate that).  Reason number four to party.

This has already been a great weekend and as the Sunday morning sun is rising in the sky I am filled with so much anticipation for what is yet to come!  If you aren’t celebrating something this weekend look for a reason – and the party like it’s 1999 (sorry, I just had to throw that in!)