This weekend we will baptize over 60 people.  From every walk of life and from every generation.  This will be a historic weekend at Grace Capital Church.  I am still amazed at the outcome from a simple announcement one Sunday about a month ago.  Throughout this preaching series “the secret of more”, we have seen so many people truly beginning to take greater steps to deepen their faith.  Just as 2 Peter 1:5-8 encourages us to “add to our faith goodness and knowledge and self control and godliness…” we are seeing people do this.

This weekend we will celebrate.  It won’t be a “service as usual”.  We will worship together, we will laugh, rejoice, shed tears together, but above all we will celebrate.  To witness this many people from our family here in Central New Hampshire take this “next step” in their walk with the Lord will be an incredible reason to celebrate.  Look for the video online next week at http://www.gccnh.com.  The testimonies from each person will be worth it all.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to continue building us up in ever-increasing levels of maturity in You!  May we experience even more of You in our lives each day as we take the steps to grow.

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