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Everyday Drinks

Yesterday Pastor Peter spoke regarding communion.  He brought up the idea that every time we drink that we use it as a time to remember what Jesus has done for us.  At the last supper as Jesus was sitting with his closest friends he instructed them to drink from the cup and remember His sacrifice.  We take communion the first Sunday of each month.  It is many times an opportunity to reflect on what He has done for us.  Other times it is a celebration.  Either way, there is a gratefulness that is experienced for all that He has removed from my life.

As Peter shared his words were reminiscent of those from Brother Lawrence – a monk who coined the term, “practicing the presence of Christ” in all things.  Even as Brother Lawrence scrubbed pots and pans in a monastery he used that time to commune with God.

I drink a lot.  Water, Coffee (my favorite), soda, an occasional glass of wine with my wife.  I enjoy sitting with people and talking over cups of whatever is available (or appropriate) at the time.  Great conversations take place with drink between whomever I sit with.  This is a new challenge for me.  I like it…

The idea that with every sip I can recount and rejoice over what He has done in my life is exhilarating.  To place Jesus in the forefront of everything that I do – including drinking brings new depths to what I do, even the mindless act of drinking a beverage.

As I write this I am 36,000 feet in the air flying to Las Vegas to meet up with some old friends and create some new friendships.  I have been invited to sit with about 10 other leaders from around the U.S. who have a heart for mission work.  I can only imagine that there will be some opportunities to drink while with these others as we discuss what youth missions could look like over the next 5 years.  It’s exciting to think that even while we sit and discuss missions, and drink beverages, He will be there with us.

May you also, in even the menial acts of drinking remember what He has done for you.  May you connect with Him on an even deeper level as you are refreshed by not only your water, but by the Living Water itself!