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Blog Thoughts

When I began this blog it was because I wanted to communicate what was going on at Impact and our NNE4 District events.  The first posts were daily ministry reports and prayer requests from our Youth Summer Camp.  Over time I have seen this blog morph into a place where I allow people into my life.  I have had many conversations with people who will reference something that I wrote about – funny thing is that most times it is just random stuff that I posted on.

We all want to feel connected.  Somehow, this blog helps me connect with people.  It seems like when I am at GCC on Sundays I have few conversations with the same people.  As new people are always walking through our doors I am always on the lookout for new people to make feel comfortable and welcome.  At Impact I am usually trying to keep youth from hanging on something that will break.  All of this busy-ness has caused me to regularly feel like I am losing touch with my peep’s.

I have a thought.  How about if we all spend time purposely looking for people who are new to GCC and we ALL go to them and make them feel welcome.  At Impact, we ALL can spend some time dragging random teenagers down from whatever they are hanging on.  In doing this, together we will all have time to spend talking with our friends.

Relationships are huge with me.  I love to be with the friends that I have made at GCC.  It is these friendships that I have that keep me grounded.  I’d like to remain connected with everyone – and I will continue to make random posts on this blog about regular life stuff – but my main point for having this blog is to help other youth pastors/leaders in student ministry.  That is where the majority of my posts will be focused on going forward.

Student Ministry people, what are the topics that you would like to read about?  Any issue that is burning in you right now that you would like to flesh out?  Leave a comment and let’s get to it!