Belated Birthday Dinner

The girls and I took Kim out for dinner last night.  It was the “birthday girl” choice so Olive Garden was our destination.  What a fun night!  Makenna was extra funny and became our dinner entertainment.  Being that Olive Garden is an Italian place they had random Italian songs playing over the sound system.  Makenna decided that it was her job to lip sync the songs to us using a crayon for a microphone.  Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my youngest daughter embrace Frank Sinatra tunes!  She is quite a ham when she wants to be.  We must have really bothered the other people sitting in our section because all that we did throughout our meal was laugh.

God, thank you for my funny family.  May we always be able to laugh together!

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  1. Posted by Allie on April 17, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Yes Lord God I thank you so much For Pastor Kevin and Kim and For the Whole Family, Lord God thanks for the spirit of Laughter that you gave Pastor Kevin and Kim and thanks for the funnyness that Mackena had at this special Birthday Dinner. We Praise you JESUS and we say Let your Holy Spirit Laughter come more and More. Hallelujah! Kevin isnt it so good that God does those things when you really need it the most God Bless you Bro! 🙂 Sis Allie


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