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Catching Up

I’m realizing that the last many posts have all been videos and links to other peoples lives.  This has been a busy couple of weeks.  Busy but good…  I have had some great times with my family the past couple days.  We have been enjoying the warming weather and going out after dinner for short walks.  I love Springtime in NH!

Soon all the snow will be melted, winter will be a memory and we will be complaining about the heat of summer.  Why can we never be satisfied?  I’m headed up to Maine to my grandparents farm tomorrow for a recon mission.  I have been talking about finishing the beam that spans my house and there is some amazing barn-board in the old barn that is somewhere around 250 years old.  I would love to bring that kind of history into my house!  2 hours in a vehicle with my kids each way.  I bet I’ll know every song on the High School Musical soundtrack by the end of the day…  I tell them that I can’t stand the songs but man, are they catchy!  I love the fact that I can drive them crazy by singing along with their songs.