All In How You Read It

 This is fascinating.  I love that something written from a negative can be flipped by God and used for positive.

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  1. Posted by Jorgen on March 31, 2008 at 8:48 am

    I saw this back in July at the short film festival held at WillowCreek this past summer. Among all 24 other projects showcased, this one caught peoples attentions and even brought tears to hundreds of eyes there in the theater. I was moved, too. You probably associate with this sense of emotion – the crowd of five thousand around me hangs is a moment of dispear when coming to the last line of this clip knowing that all that was said was confirming the current reality. Then at everyones’ surprise, the movie reverses, and you can hear the gestures of relief and happiness that it didn’t just end like that. Warm emotion starts filling the room. Right at the line “because I know you” people begin to lose it. That’s the point of validation, the moment everyone waited for. Tears came in as thought the Spirit of God was reading this story to everyone in the room. It finishes and the room explodes with cheers, people standing to their feet! Out of all the amazingly well produced and thought out short films and commercials, the powerfully edited and masterfully cinematic contesting projects, this one got the standing ovation. People hunger for the truth.


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