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Give Life, Give Wells

Yesterday was World Water Day all across the world.  As we endeavor to dig 200 clean water wells throughout Rwanda with a partnership with Global Benefit I want to encourage you all to give generously to this cause.  Since July of 2007 we have raised over $11,000.00.  While this is a significant amount of money when you realize that it has mostly come from teenagers in Northern New England, it is just a drop in the bucket considering the overall goal.  For every $10,000.00 that we raise we are able to drill one well that can supply water for up to 1000 people for over 20 years.  Clean water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

No longer will women have to walk upwards of 3 and a half miles to fetch water that is riddled with parasites and bacteria that actually cause them to be sick.  This same water is the cause of over 4,500 children dying each day.  This is sickening when we realize that we can prevent this by providing funding to drill clean water wells.  We take water for granted here in the USA, it’s readily available to us on demand.  In many developing countries there is plenty of water available but it is deep underground and not accessible to them.  By drilling clean water wells throughout Rwanda we can save thousands of lives each year.

Would you join us?  This month from March 22, 2008 through April 22, 2008 we want to raise $1,000.00.  This money will jump start our efforts to drill another well.  Even if you are only able to give a small amount – every penny counts.  To donate you can log onto Facebook and give through the Rwanda Clean Water cause or go to Global Benefit and give online.  If you prefer to write a check you can make it out to “Global Benefit” and mail it to:

Global Benefit
40 Willowgrass Lane
Gilmanton IW, NH 03837