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All In How You Read It

 This is fascinating.  I love that something written from a negative can be flipped by God and used for positive.

Well Number 1 is Being Drilled!

Our first well is being drilled!  I am so excited about this.  We have been img_0324.jpgworking since July 2007 to gather the funds to drill wells in Rwanda and we are here!  So far $11,800 has come in.  There is a new found excitement in what we are doing.

I met with the students of Bow Memorial School the other day – they are having a walk-a-thon on April 18th at there school and have chosen the Rwanda Well Project for their global beneficiary.  We are gaining momentum and will see a second well drilled much sooner than our first.

If you desire to save lives by helping people drill clean water wells in Rwanda please give here.  Every cent of your donation goes to drilling the wells.  Thank you to all who have contributed so far.  If you have any creative ideas on how to raise more funds please feel free to comment and we will follow up with you.  Every penny counts!

Weekly Alabaster Box

This week Naarah shares with us the motivation behind the new song “Chosen Generation”.  If you haven’t yet registered for this years Youth Summer Camp you still have time!  Click here for your registration forms.

Give Life, Give Wells

Yesterday was World Water Day all across the world.  As we endeavor to dig 200 clean water wells throughout Rwanda with a partnership with Global Benefit I want to encourage you all to give generously to this cause.  Since July of 2007 we have raised over $11,000.00.  While this is a significant amount of money when you realize that it has mostly come from teenagers in Northern New England, it is just a drop in the bucket considering the overall goal.  For every $10,000.00 that we raise we are able to drill one well that can supply water for up to 1000 people for over 20 years.  Clean water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

No longer will women have to walk upwards of 3 and a half miles to fetch water that is riddled with parasites and bacteria that actually cause them to be sick.  This same water is the cause of over 4,500 children dying each day.  This is sickening when we realize that we can prevent this by providing funding to drill clean water wells.  We take water for granted here in the USA, it’s readily available to us on demand.  In many developing countries there is plenty of water available but it is deep underground and not accessible to them.  By drilling clean water wells throughout Rwanda we can save thousands of lives each year.

Would you join us?  This month from March 22, 2008 through April 22, 2008 we want to raise $1,000.00.  This money will jump start our efforts to drill another well.  Even if you are only able to give a small amount – every penny counts.  To donate you can log onto Facebook and give through the Rwanda Clean Water cause or go to Global Benefit and give online.  If you prefer to write a check you can make it out to “Global Benefit” and mail it to:

Global Benefit
40 Willowgrass Lane
Gilmanton IW, NH 03837

Weekly Alabaster Box

Week 2 – “Bigger”!

I can’t wait for Youth Camp this year as we get to spend the week with all the “mates” from Alabaster Box.  Here’s the second song release from AB off their new album (released in Australia but not yet USA).

Snowmobiling on my Day Off


I spent the day on a “steel horse” yesterday with a new friend.  Gus Swenson and I met up for a day of snowmobiling in Northern New Hampshire.  It was a blast!

Weekly Alabaster Box

In honor of the new cd release from Alabaster Box I thought I would post a video clip each week from the band as they talk about the inspiration for their songs on the new album.  With AB joining us for this years NNE4 Youth Camp it will be great to be familiar with all of their new songs as they come and lead us in worship for another amazing year of camp.

Here is week 1, clip 1.  Enjoy.  And check back next Thursday for the next in a series of clips.  If you have not yet registered for camp you can download the forms here.  Early registration ends March 19th so hurry up!

I Got Served!

Kim has been on this whole Scrabulous kick for a while now.  I decided to enter her world yesterday and play a round with her.  Bad idea…  big butt-whoopin’!


Foot In Mouth…

So we’re sitting down to dinner this evening and I am talking with Megan, my 8 year old daughter, about her homework assignment for the day.  She has been reading a book about the letter Z feeling left out of the alphabet and so it just up and left.  Her assignment is to pick a letter of the alphabet that wants to leave other than Z and then write a story about how the letter feels and why it chose to leave the alphabet.

150fsesame-street-alphabet-posters.jpgThis is where I really enjoy time with my daughter because when she gets assignments like these my creative juices get flowing.  I tend to be a bit of an over-achiever as well, so rather than just one letter feeling slighted by the rest of the alphabet (like the letter B leaving because it never gets to go first – stinkin’ letter A!)   I bring up examples of X & Y wanting to leave because Z gets all the attention at the end of the song or even better, L, M, N, O, P.

Do you ever notice when you sing the alphabet song that you lump all 5 letters together.? They never get recognized for their individual characteristics.  It’s as if the 5 letters are all just one big letter.  And so as I am pointing this out to my 8 year old daughter for her 3rd grade homework assignment.  I begin to go on and on about how each letter wants to be individual recognized for who they really are.  L wants to be seen for it’s true L-ness, M wants to be acknowledged for all it’s glorious M-ness.  N as well, wants everybody to sing of the amazing N-ness that it carries with it.  O can only imagine how much better life would be if everyone was aware of it’s O-ness.  And of course, what a wonderful world it would be if everyone could embrace the P-ness of P!

And that’s when it got awkward…  Kim saw it coming but, like a slow motion accident being witnessed from across the street could do nothing to stop the words from coming out of my mouth. And then I realized what I said.  And the hidden chuckles began from both myself and Kim.  Thankfully Megan had no clue.

Parents, don’t help your kids out with their homework assignments.  Chances are they will do better without you – at least I know Megan will…

Prosperity Gospel

Saw this over at Brian’s blog. John Piper speaks bluntly about the prosperity gospel that some preach and it’s effects in other nations. I’ve heard how the prosperity gospel has infected some African countries from a friend. It’s a shame that some preachers have twisted God’s Word to justify their extravagance…