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Fasting Thought Of The Day

prayinghands.jpgFasting in itself is of no spiritual value (Isaiah 58; Jeremiah 14:12; I Corinthians 8:8)

        “that which is of the flesh is flesh,” John 3:6

but it is the attitude of a heart sincerely seeking Him to which God responds with blessing.

Expectations & Anticipation

I am so excited for this Sunday!  I just have an incredible sense of anticipation for what the Holy Spirit is going to do through this weeks time together with you all.  The word resounding in my heart this week is UNITY.

Let’s all be praying for what He is going to do this weekend!


Open Communication

I spoke with a guy from church last night.  He thanked me for saying what I said on Sunday about confessing to a spouse or parent about any struggles with pornography.  He has a teenage son and the words I spoke on Sunday opened up the doors for them to talk openly about this stuff.  They are now reading a book together and working through some stuff.  Yeah God!

I pray that if you have not yet had a conversation with your spouse or parents and you do struggle with pornography that you would be open enough to talk to them.  You will not get through this on your own, but with their support and the prayers of many you will!

Fasting Thought Of The Day


Moses fasted 40 days and mentored a spiritual son named Joshua, which means the Lord saves. Elijah fasted 40 days and threw his mantle on a double portion son, Elisha, which means the Lord saves. Also, John the Baptist fasted in the desert and prepared the way for a double portion son named Jesus, which means the Lord saves. Jesus fasted 40 days and unleashed the apostolic glory of the eternal Son of God into the Earth. What if we are preparing a generation for the greatest day of salvation in history?