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A Request For GCC-er’s This Week

I just emailed this off to everyone but in case you don’t receive my emails or we don’t have your current address I wanted to post this here as well…


Hello GCC-er’s,

I wanted to take a moment and communicate with you all about this weeks Celebration Services.  At both the 8:30am & 10:30am services this week we will be having you check your kids into the Children’s Ministries immediately.  Please check them in as usual in the computer and then bring them directly to their rooms.  We will be approaching our Celebration Services a little differently this week and it will help keep a smooth flow by having the kids out for the whole time.

One other notable point to make; the cafe will be closing at 8:20am and 10:20am in order to get everyone into the sanctuary for the 8:30am & 10:30am start time.  This will not be the week to dawdle or arrive late.  Please arrive with enough time to get a cup of something hot (if that is your routine) prior to 8:20am & 10:20am as we won’t apologize for you missing out if you show up late (that’s my attempt at being firm and yet sarcastic…)

In the meantime, would you join me in praying for this weeks service?  I have truly been blessed to share with all of you what God has been putting on my heart the past few weeks and have been very encouraged by so many of your kind words.  I believe this week the Holy Spirit is leading us to an amazing time together and my prayer is being directed by one word that keeps resounding in my heart – UNITY.

I greatly look forward to this Sunday with you all and thank you in advance for your collective prayers.

Together with Him,
Pastor Kevin