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Filled With Hope

hope-clean-again-2.jpgI’ve got to say, I’m spent.  This was an exhausting day.  Our Celebration Services this morning were amazing and I fully give credit to the Holy Spirit for bringing a tenderness to people as they heard the words that I was speaking.  It was amazing as the day progressed to see so many groups of people talking and praying with each other.  It was so encouraging to see so many couples being totally honest with each other and having some really tough conversations.

I fully believe that personal repentance and a hunger for more of God brings about great revival.  I can only dream of what we are about to see in this region as God moves even more powerfully.  As we are about 2 weeks into a 40 day fast I am seeing God move in so many ways in so many people’s lives.  I’m so hopeful for what God will continue to do over the next weeks and months as more people press into God and fully rely on Him.

While this morning was not an easy message to speak, I truly felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to tackle the topic that I did and I am again in pure awe of what God will do through me when I am obedient (maybe there was a little kicking and screaming on my part – but it turned into obedience).  I have never felt as empowered to speak a message and yet filled with trepidation as I did this morning.  Thank you God for once again showing your faithfulness to me!

sidebar: kudos to Jake and the worship team for doing a bang up job on the song “Overcome” this week.  The video that Jorgen put together to flow with this song was equally powerful.  Great job team!  I love the fact that this morning looked identical to what the vision that God gave me for that song looked like.  We should have the video of that song all edited and posted by midweek…