Impact Last Night

 What a great time last night at Impact!  Jeff Towne did a fantastic impact-i_color_white-bg.jpgjob sharing his heart with the youth.  He spoke more about Chasing Lions, as we are on Sundays as well, and I think he really served to encourage many of the youth at Impact.  You can check out his message here.

The worship team lead incredibly!  There were some bumps along the way, as they are a new team learning to play together, but the heart behind the songs they sang were great.  The youth really entered into worship last night as they were encouraged to find their own space in the room and “commune” with God.

Kim shared a word with the youth during worship that brought a lot of freedom to many of the youth.  (So thankful that she is my wife!)

Just a phenomenal night altogether!  Thanks Impact Team for serving well.

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  1. Sometimes the worship team needs to know that what they do up there for God, also moves us leaders. I know that last song spoke deeply into my own life, so I am going to make sure I thank Will, Drew and the rest of them, because they need to know they are making an impact for Christ!


  2. Posted by Tina Greco on February 21, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    This is so great to hear! God is definitely moving throughout the church. Last night out cell was amazing. Three of us confirmed that last night needed to be for prayer. One of our members showed up, and the Lord put the word ‘healing’ on my heart. He then read Scripture from John that spoke of healing, citing that God had given him a word that someone in the group needed healing. We prayed for 2 people for physical healing last night. I look forward to sharing praise reports.

    Also, it was just so evident that the Holy Spirit had fallen upon us last night. As I prayed, I felt as though my chest was on fire. I specifically prayed for three of my friends and their salvation, so I look forward to God’s work in their lives.

    Oh U23D may be a possibility… not sure yet…


  3. Posted by Abbie on February 21, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    A few people told me how awesome it was. Wish I could’ve been there! Miss you guys.


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