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Journaling at Starbucks

I am so encouraged by the people that came out this morning to join me at journaling!  As we shared our vision for Grace Capital Church this past weekend one of the areas that we touched on was:

“If every person (young or old) would spend time journaling once a day, we would become more like Jesus and learn to hear His voice.”

I had three people with me at Starbucks this morning at 6:30am and get this, one from Henniker, one from Bristol, and one from Barnstead!  I’m done hearing excuses from people who live 10 minutes from Starbucks.  Each of these people drove over 30 minutes to share in reading God’s Word together.  Jimmy, Tom, & Tina – it was a pleasure to start my day with you today!  I pray that you were as blessed by our time together as I was.  Here’s to many more early Tuesday mornings together!

2008 GCC Vision – ONE


I’ll post the video tomorrow. It’s being converted and uploaded overnight. Here’s the gist of the 2008 vision for GCC. I pray that you are encouraged and also challenged by the list below!

  • If every person reached one other for Christ this year- we’d celebrate that 900 people came to know Jesus.
  • If every person (young or old) would spend time journaling once a day, we would become more like Jesus and learn to hear His voice.
  • If every one of our cell groups multiplies once, we’d have 70 cell groups.
  • If every one of our Sunday Celebrations was filled with amazing love and grace, we’d see healings and changed lives.
  • If every person served in one ministry- many would be refreshed because they wouldn’t have to do more, and many would be blessed by serving, and all the needs would be met.
  • If every family gave one tenth of their income to God, there would be no lack- only abundance to give more away. (personally and as a church)
  • If every one cared, we would make a bigger difference to the community around us.
  • If everybody joined to pray one time a week, we would see true revival.
  • If every married couple would commit build up their spouse and children once a day, we’d see more healthy marriages and families.


    May we see each of these things come to pass.  May we each step into the full calling that God has for us and may we all pray for a complete understanding of what it means to be part of ONE Faith, ONE Lord, and ONE Body!