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Junky Car Club


I’ve joined a mew car club.  I found this club online and I love what they stand for.  Here’s the general point of this car club –  “live with less and give more.”

So many buy into the idea that we are what we drive.  This leads to an oppressive debt that keeps us from being more free with our finances.  It has been 2 months now that I have been the outright owner of my car.  I actually have the title to my car in my possession!  There is freedom in not owing a bank for what I drive.  Kim’s car was paid off just 2 weeks ago and the title to her car is in the mail on it’s way to us as I write this post.

Here’s a bit about the Junky Car Club:

Junky Car Club members are learning to live with less so we can give more. We’re a bunch of happy drivers who are politely rebelling against consumerism by driving junky cars. We encourage our members to use their dough to support social justice causes instead of making fat car payments. We believe in environmental stewardship and hanging onto things a little longer. Junky Car Club members sponsor kids living in poverty through Compassion International.

This club challenges me to be happy with the car that I drive.  Sure it’s a 99 Dodge Intrepid with 110,000 miles on it.  Sure it’s missing a bit of paint on the rear bumper and passenger side door.  Sure it’s got some damage to the front bumper after Kim drove it onto a stone wall last winter.  The bottom line is that it is my car and I owe nothing on it.  The fact that I don’t have to make a monthly car payment frees me up to give more generously to many organizations that do great work.

For more information about the Junky Car Club and how to join this movement click here.