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New Family Tradition


If you can believe this, we have a new family tradition that has been inspired by our dog.  It seems as though anytime we walk through the door our dog meets us as if we have been gone for months.  Monday I made this observation out loud as Kim came back from dropping off Megan at school.  I then elaborated by imagining.  “Imagine if we all greeted each other the way Gracie did when we walked in the door?”  We tried it out when the bus dropped her off after school.  She thought we were a little weird but I know she enjoyed all the attention too.

Well, now whenever anyone comes home we are greeted with exuberant joy and lots of hugs and kisses (Makenna has even taken to licking my face like our dog – maybe a bit too much…)  I will say, I look forward to coming home every night now.  I’m not sure if this will stick around forever but while it lasts, I love it!