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Give Yourself Away

What does it really look like to give yourself away?

There are many pictures that come to mind with the phrase “Give yourself away.”

  • Weddings – both in the spiritual sense of 2 becoming 1  as well as the physical aspect of giving yourself wholly to someone
  • Serving people selflessly
  • Having a religious conversion

Each of these images that come to mind are centralized in the concept of love.  Everything that we do when we are giving of ourselves should be rooted in love. If that is not the driving force behind serving others and placing their needs above ours then we are trying to get something out of serving.

I understand that we can get things out of serving others.  We feel good about ourselves or we may be thanked by someone and therefore feel a sense of gratitude from whomever we served.   But to have that as the motivational force behind serving someone I think is awry from why we should be serving others and twists what can be accomplished through serving.

This year I am looking for more and more ways to “give myself away” to others.  That starts at home.  I want to be more free and giving of my time at home.  I want my wife and kids to know that they always come first and that they always have me.  I struggle with this all the time because I am a naturally helpful person.  Many times in the past this has been detrimental to relationships that I have had.  I want my family to know that they are priority number one (besides God).

Pray for me that I will be able to do this with better success – and I’ll do the same for you all…