Just Sow…

“Don’t worry about the reaping, just sow.” -John Maxwell  

We as humans are inherently selfish.  We do whatever we can to get ahead.  So this thought is completely counter-intuitive.  Yet so refreshing at the same time.  I have heard John Maxwell speak many times and have read numerous editions of his books.  He is filled with great wisdom when it comes to leadership.  I love the man I am becoming as I put many of the principles that I have learned from him into practice.   What would it look like if we each worked at being intentional in the way we add value to the people around us every day?   What if we could bypass our natural tendency to reap (ask, “what’s in it for me?”) and just focused on sowing (helping those around us)?   As I put my personal goals into place for 2008 this one is topping my list.  To intentionally add value to the people around me every day.  Pray for me, that I would find this easier than I think it will be… 

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