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Kelly Is A Boys Name Too

I start out by saying this is not an endorsement for JC Penney.  Just a funny commercial that may give comfort to guys with names like Kelly, Sandy, and Marion.

More Grace Needed

I was at the post office today mailing out all the district youth camp promo materials.  There were 27 packets in all and they all had different weights.  Now, I waited 15 minutes in the line that was now full behind me again.  I stood there as the postal worker began weighing the packets and scolding me for mailing so many packets out at one time.  I became the problem and the reason for such a long line.

Excuse me, I believe I am the customer.  I believe I waited in that long line just like the people that were currently in line.  When did mailing stuff at the post office become a nuisance for a postal worker?

So I left the post office after successfully annoying a postal worker (dangerous hobby this time of year, I know).  I began driving down the road only to watch a man in the lane beside me cursing at the car in front of him that  needed to make a left hand turn.  Obviously he was either running late or just very busy because you would think he was ready to pull a shotgun out of his back seat and start firing at the guy keeping him from his important plans.

I get to the next intersection and a young high school kid with a sweet VW decides he wants to cut off everyone in the left hand turning lane.  Horns begin blaring, fingers are flying out windows, and one driver even flew off to chase him down.

Lord, give us more grace.  People seem stressed beyond their threshold of tolerance.  Help us remember what this season is all about.  Give us peace in our busy lives.  Return to us so that we may extend grace, mercy and love to others.