Unplugging (as often as possible)

I have found myself falling into a trap. Technology has made it very easy to be available to anyone and everyone at a moments notice. My cell phone gives people access to me 24 hours a day. My laptop keeps me connected to the world via email and internet virtually wherever I go. Whether checking email, receiving text messages or just wasting time surfing the web – I have caught myself consuming large blocks of “my” time.

hammock.jpgThis past weekend Pastor Peter spoke about returning to Jesus. Reconnecting with Him daily so that we can be refreshed and renewed. So many times I catch myself checking my email before sitting down to talk with and listen to what God may be speaking to me. I find that I have created the expectation for most people that if they send me an email they will get a response back within minutes because my email is always on. I have decided to make some changes in this pattern in my life.

On weekends I will only check my email twice a day (on Mondays I may not even check it). When I am in the office I am going to be shutting down my email and only checking it during scheduled times. There are far too many times that I can recount when I have been in the middle of a project and then been sidetracked because of the infamous “ding” of an incoming email. I can only imagine how much more productive I will be with putting this practice into place.

I am also shutting my cell phone off when I arrive home. If people need to get hold of me I have my home phone. There are too many times when I am in the middle of something with my family and I get torn away from them because my cell rings.

While there are many benefits to being connected in this digital world I have seen the undesirable looks from my wife and kids too many times as they are playing and I am typing away. I am learning to live in the moment – each moment. When I am in the office I am fully in the office. When I am at home I will now be fully at home. By putting this into practice now I will have one more burn-out protectors in my life.

Hold me accountable. Ask me how I am doing with this. It won’t be easy for me…

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  1. Cannot agree more! Something needs to give… We all need to help each other unplug a bit more… So…. we’re kind of mounting a worldwide challenge to spread the meme about unplugging from the Net / mobile / devices sometimes and gaining a little more control over our lives. If everyone uses the tag unplug, we will aggregate them into a blog and then eventually, self-help manuals (?), e-newsletter and fun stuff to help us all get a grip. Want to join in? Check out http://authenticblogging.com/category/unplugbalance/ or http://wordpress.com/tag/unplug/. Have registered the domains http://www.everywhereisnowhere.org and .com. Drop me a line if you want to add your story in the meantime, or give people some tips and advice to help them unplug… Bestest – Libby


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