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Looking Ahead

I am looking forward to this week.  Yes, there is a big fat turkey waiting for me on Thursday (and this year we travel to the in-laws so I don’t have to do any of the cooking!) but aside from the self-induced food coma that I will be putting myself into I am looking forward to this week.

We have no adult cell meeting at our house tomorrow evening.  I love this new group that has been meeting at our place for the past month but it will be great to head home from the office tomorrow and just relax.  No making coffee, no printing worship lyrics, no setting out extra chairs for everyone – just home with the family.

We canceled Impact on Wednesday night.  As our sermon series has been talking about rest and slowing down I felt it very important to live out that message by having no Impact this week.  I’ve been preaching about taking time for family and friends for the past 4 weeks – now let’s live it out.

Rest may refer to:

  • To relax or take time off; see leisure, nap
  • Rest (music), a pause in a piece of music
  • Rest (fitness), a period of relative inactivity to allow recovery and growth

In all of these examples rest is a stopping point.  It is an ending point.  There may still be more to do but it will have to wait for another time.  This week is a week of rest.  I’ll be in the office Tuesday and Wednesday but the pace will be a bit slower.  I will use some time to get ahead for the next sermon series that begins in December (it’s gonna be a good one!), catch up on some reading that has been laid aside for a while (I was able to read one complete book today!), and  I want to spend some time planning a few events we have coming up in 2008 with the youth.

I love weeks like this because I end my time in the office feeling very accomplished.  May you all have great weeks with frequent times of rest!