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How I Relax

This is what Sunday afternoons/evenings are made for!


now, if I could get a break with my fantasy team…

Stop or Break – you choose.


I spent the day down in Londonderry speaking at Hope Chapel. They were having a “youth Sunday” this week so of course, who else do you have come and speak? The topic was Affluenza. I posted a little about this subject a while back. The topic fell right in line with what we have been discussing at Impact for the past month so I greatly enjoyed this time with Londonderry. During my message I shared about how 3 years ago my life was running at a frantic pace. I didn’t know how to say “no” to anything or anyone, my schedule was a jumble with no margin, and I made no time for rest in days. All of this culminated one evening as I spent the night in the E.R. having a stroke. 32 years old and I was having a stroke!

With no margin in our lives and an ever-present striving for more, bigger, and better we will burn ourselves out. I wasn’t creating any slow down time so my body decided to shut down on me. That is the wake up call that I needed. That is the extreme that needed to take place in my life for me to get the message to slow down. Since that time I have made great changes in my life. I workout regularly, have an “out” time set for my office hours, schedule time away from everything to just BE with God, and ensure that I have focused family time. I have learned what matters most in my life and I am becoming very protective of those things.  I pray that as you are reading this it won’t take that kind of an extreme for you to slow down…

Kim and I were talking in the car on the way home.  This was the first time that I have been able to publicly share about the stroke (2nd, Kim wasn’t at Impact on Wednesday when I shared this with the youth)  It took me some time to come to terms with this.  I was invincible.  Nothing was going to slow me down.  I’m sure that you feel the same way some days.  Understand that if there is no margin in your life it won’t be long before you break down.  You can only run on vapors for so long before you are forced to stop.

Do you get upset easily?  Do you find frustration to be your best friend?  Can you not understand why you feel like crying for no good reason?   Are you lonely?  Depressed?  Chances are you are one moment away from a break down.  Stop.  Allow time for refreshing to happen in your life.  Get away with God and let Him renew your passion.