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Blast From The Past

I was watching WMUR’s Chronicle tonight when I saw that they were doing a story on Sarah Silverman.  Sarah grew up in Manchester/Bedford, NH.  She started talking about the past as she was growing up.  In an inadvertent way I got a shout out from Sarah Silverman.  She was talking about some of her experiences growing up in NH and started talking about causing trouble at Clam King and then made the statement, “not to mention Subway in Nashua.”

From 1988-1990 I worked at Subway whenever I wasn’t out skateboarding with friends.  Whenever I was working my friends were always bound to show up.  The fact that the place was open till 2 in the morning made it a breeding ground for us causing trouble.

Where does Sarah Silverman come into the picture you ask?

It was summertime and there were fireworks stands all over the place.  A friend of mine had stopped at one and picked up a jumbo package of roman candles.  Sarah and a few other girls were always hanging out watching us skate.  Since we baked our own bread at Subway we always had a large supply of baking mitts.  I got the bright idea to have a roman candle fight one night with a bunch of the kids that were hanging around skating in the parking lot.  After handing out oven mitts, roman candles, and matches to everyone we began the battle.  I still can hear the fiery projectiles whizzing by my ear!  To be one of the cars that drove by on D.W. Highway that night would have been priceless.  The night ended when one of the girls freaked out because a roman candle hit her car.

So… that is my connection with Sarah Silverman.

Maybe some other time I’ll share about skating with Tony Hawk and Mike Vallely…