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Rob Bell Coming to Boston


Rob Bell is coming to the Somerville Theater in Boston on the 27th of this month.  I picked up 4 tickets about 2 months ago and I am getting more excited as the day draws close.

I have heard Rob speak live a few other times along with watching all the NOOMA videos.  He’s got great insight and I love how he talks so naturally, almost matter of fact-ly.

I’m looking forward to making the road trip with Jeff and Doug.  I’ve got an extra ticket in the orchestra seats (right down in front) if you would like to join me.

One Thing


Finger Eleven wrote:

“If I traded it all
If I gave it all away for one thing
Just for one thing
If I sorted it out
If I knew all about this one thing
Wouldn’t that be something”

If you traded it all, what would that one thing be?