Archive for October 28th, 2007

Sabbath Announced


Pastor Peter shared with the congregation today about the planned sabbatical that he and Lisa will be taking for 10 weeks beginning in January. I was so encouraged to hear the applause from the people as he shared the reasons for this extended time away.

I love Peter. He is my pastor, mentor, friend, and brother. I love that we have been able to serve together over the past 10 years. I love the thought of being able to serve alongside him for another 10 years! I know that this sabbatical time for him will be fantastic. As he grows personally he will return to GCC an even more effective leader to us all.

As Pastor Peter shared this morning, we have a phenomenal pastoral staff. We will continue to grow as a body even in his absence. That is the true beauty of the team based ministry that we have at GCC! I am excited at what God will do in Peter during this time but I am also very excited in what God will do in each of us while we learn to depend more on HIM. Keep the Bonanno’s in your prayers as well as all of the pastoral staff of GCC!

Look Who’s Blogging!

My Pastor & friend began blogging today.  You can check out Pastor Peter’s blog here.
He’s been putting it off for quite some time.  I can’t wait to read some of the wisdom that he drops on us all as time goes on…