Monday Randomness

In no apparent order today was a day full of randomness.

  • mowed the lawn
  • chiropractor
  • Scotts Step 4 with weed preventer
  • painted back trim section on house
  • picked the last of our summer squash
  • while I had the paint out I painted the bathroom vent, the electrical box, phone & cable box – now they all match the color of the house and blend.  Kim thinks I let my OCD show… I call it detail oriented.
  • chainsaw and a ladder – opened up more view to the back 40
  • leaf blower!
  •  trampoline time with Megan & Makenna (I think I bounced Makenna about 6 feet tonight)
  • story time with Makenna (some book about a butterfly – I love the Concord Library)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts with Kim – COFFEE!
  • picked up my car at the garage and had a great conversation with my mechanic about church growth and pew removal (seats not smells)
  • bath time with the kids – now in bed
  • looking forward to Heroes
  • campfire (well that’s what the permit calls it) more like bonfire that settles down…
  • journaling
  • spent some time praying about an outreach event for next August

Overall a great day.  I feel like I got a lot done and it’s always refreshing being at home with the kids.

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