Play Like A Champion Today

Life isn’t played.  It is lived.  As those who follow Christ, let us live like champions everyday.  Not living with a “superstar – celebrity” perspective, but as servants.  Helping out those around us in need.  My our lives be lived in a way that point back to the victorious life of Jesus and the final victory that Christ has.  Give all that you have in every situation and opportunity so that others around may be inspired and encouraged to live in that same manner.


It’s just a simple wooden sign, painted gold and blue and mounted on a cream-colored brick wall at the foot of a stairwell. Yet, the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign, found

outside Notre Dame’s locker room, is so much more.

The slogan “Play Like A Champion Today” is so synonymous with the University that one can be excused for believing that Father Edward Sorin, the school’s founder, received it as a divine revelation in 1842.

“The word `champion’ means you’re the best – the very definition of it,” Faust says.

“You’re a bar above the rest. When you play that way, you’re going to be the best and if you give your best, that’s all you can ask of a person.”

To Holtz – the man who resurrected what has become even a worldwide phenomenon – the hitting of the sign comes with a solemn commitment.

“Regardless of the won-loss record, regardless of the problems you have, when you walk out on that field you have an obligation to your teammates and the fans to play to the best of your ability – to play like a champion and to think like a champion,” Holtz says.

“But, I also asked my players that every time they hit that sign, to think about all the

sacrifices your family has made; your teammates made in high school; the sacrifices your teachers have made; and you also think of the thousands of people who would love to be in your position. Just think about how fortunate we are.

“All of these thoughts should go through your mind when you hit that sign – `Play Like A Champion Today’.”

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