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Does life seem too busy to you?  We run from school to work then home to get homework started, grab a quick bite to eat and then it’s off to football practice.  It seems like each day runs into the next and there is no end in sight.

How long can we keep this pace up?  Even better question…

Why would we want to?

We begin a new series at Impact this week that addresses the time challenges that we all face and gives some simple solutions for slowing down your life.  We all need balance in our daily life, without it things go nuts.  God has a plan.  He mapped it out for us many, many years ago.

Take time to pull away.  Slow down.  Be refreshed.  Restore your joy.  Then get back in the game and be even more fruitful.

Hope to see you around in the next few weeks at Impact!


I didn’t attend Catalyst this year.  We had our Fall Leaders Conference here in Pembroke , NH on the same weekend so I couldn’t make it.  Thanks to the blogging community I was able to take in many of the speakers through some great note taking.  There is a quote that has been hanging with me since I read it 2 weeks ago.

“Intentionally add value to people every day.” John Maxwell

I can’t help but cling to this statement.  I understand full well the great influence that we at Grace Capital Church have been given in our region and I know that this influence has been given to us by God.  I also understand that we can not use this influence to be self-serving.  We must always be on the lookout for how we can bless others who are in need.  As John Maxwell puts it “to add value” to others.

About 3 weeks ago we had about 40 people from GCC head over to a house in Allenstown that had been flooded back on Mothers Day in 2006.  The family had been living in a trailer since the flood and were in great need of hope.  In 10 hours time on September 22 they had a house that they could live in again.  We had skilled professionals who donated their time to perform plumbing, electrical, and construction needs.  There were unskilled laborers who showed up to clean up the neighborhood and gave the whole community a “fresh shine”.  There were people who made sandwiches for all the workers and others who were just cheering people on.  It was a beautiful thing to witness!

Now there is a new call to help.  The Voisine family in Manchester.  They are the recipients of  ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  They too were victims of the Mother’s Day flood in 2006.  About a week ago we (Grace Capital Church) were contacted by the coordinators for this project and asked to help this project.  They saw the work that we had done in Allenstown, NH on WMUR and wanted to get us involved in this Makeover as well.

GCC – Here is your chance to step up!  The overnight shifts will be the hardest time slots to fill.  You can check in at the former Jac-Pac Meat Processing Plant.  They are looking for volunteers starting Saturday, October 20th through Thursday, October 25th.

We have been given great influence in this region.  Let’s put John’s words into action and  “Intentionally add value to people every day.”

To check on the progress of this project please visit the project website at