ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Comes to NH!


At 8 o’clock this morning, with the bus at his back and his trusty megaphone in hand Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s Ty Pennington announced: “Good Morning Voisine Family”. The Voisine’s got a wakeup call that dreams are made of from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, R.J. Moreau Communities and it’s partners to unite build and change – everything for this deserving family.

Manchester, NH, October 18, 2007

Is 8:00 am too early for a megaphone at your door? It depends on who is shouting on it. When Reynald and Casey Voisine opened the door to their rental apartment who did they see but Ty and the rest of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team, ready to end what can only be described as a nightmare; a nightmare that started with the
Mothers Day flood in 2006. Reynald and Casey were high school sweethearts. They married, had 4 beautiful children and bought a small but cozy home in Manchester, NH. They had taken the right steps and laid the groundwork for a life to be “lived happily ever after”.

Who would know that what started as a common spring shower would turn their lives upside down. In May 2006, after 4 days of heavy rain it was clear to Reynald and Casey Voisine and their 4 children that the water rising outside their home was far more than a puddle. Their house wasn’t in a flood zone and there was a 4-lane highway between their neighborhood and the river. Yet the water kept rising and had made its way into the house, soaked the carpet and rose to the level of the electrical outlets. Reynald called the fire department for help, but was told they needed to shut the power off before the firemen would attempt a rescue as they feared electrocution. Reynald made his way to the breaker box and left his family shivering in the dark waiting for help to arrive. While firemen were able to get down to the house, they were having trouble getting back out. Reynald’s Dad actually had to drive his 4-wheel drive pick-up truck up to the house and so the family and stranded rescue workers could climb in the back and make their way to safety.

FEMA declared their house a total loss and advised that they should demolish it and apply for a loan. Thinking that FEMA knew best, Reynald had a family member in construction demolish it for free. Then the Voisines used the money in FEMA relief to haul the remains of their home to the dump.

The Voisine figured things would get better once they received the loan. But then the
unimaginable happened: they were denied for the loan due to their credit not being up to par due to Reynald’s outstanding medical bill from a misdiagnosed bout with appendicitis. On top of not having a place to live the Voisine’s are still paying their monthly mortgage on the property plus rent as they are now living in an apartment next door to their now vacant lot. Down, but not broken, Reynald and Casey are struggling and working hard to keep their family together. FEMA provided some rental assistance but it’s about to run out.

To help rescue this family, the Team at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition called on Builders Reggie Moreau and Jon Lariviere of R.J. Moreau Communities to perform a miracle: organize and bring together people from the community to build a new home for the Voisines, make it meet the standards and quality demanded by the Extreme design team and build it in less than seven days.

Reggie and Jon’s response? Bring it on! “ We had no fear in accepting this challenge because we knew how the people in our community have always responded to those in need. We knew that we could count on the help of thousands and as everyone will see over the coming week we were not wrong!”.

While hundreds have already stepped forward there is still a need for both skilled and unskilled volunteers as well as for funds. Please visit the project website at for information on the project, to learn about when volunteers are needed and to see progress as the home comes together. New Hampshire is helping and the world is watching!

Unite. Build. Change. Everything.

Become part of the miracle.

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  1. my husband volunteered his services for this extreme makeover—he has done so much for others during his lifetime–is it not his turn to have others help him in his time of need?


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