Archive for October 12th, 2007

Youth Leader Network

Over the past 8 years now we have had a Youth Pastor Network here in Concord, NH.  To be honest it is less of a network and more like a gathering of three people.  We are working hard at breathing new life into the group and are trying to reach out to other youth pastors and leaders in this region so that we can work together to build the Kingdom of God.

While we each have our own work and our own churches to continue at there is a common value and understanding that we have.  Together we can do so much more.  We are committed to reach the youth throughout this region.

Here are some basics that we all commit to as a group:

  • My way of doing ministry is not the only way, nor is it the best way.
  • My gifts, passions, talents, anointing, calling, context, and call are unique. (So are yours.)
  • If everyone did ministry the way I do, we would never reach the whole world.
  • I can learn from those who are different from me.

By remaining steadfast to these values we can look beyond our differences and reach out for Kingdom growth.  Too many people these days are all about building their little kingdom and it gets them nowhere.

Pray for us as we strive to impact Central NH with the Father’s Love.  If you are a youth pastor/leader in the Central NH area we would love to have you join us.  Drop me a comment and we’ll get you connected!