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Confronting Students

Tim Schmoyer over at Life in Student Ministry gives some good guidance on confronting students.  I’ll let you go to his blog to read it.  The only other thing that I would add would be to give the student some options in talking with their parents.  Realizing that not all families are from Mayberry and that some students legitimately fear for their safety when it comes to being found out by their parents I like to give three options.

  1. The student goes to their parents and talks to them by their self.  (I follow up with parents after to ensure the student had the conversation and give any additional insight/advice.)
  2. I go with the student as they share with their parents what has been going on.  (more for moral support but also in case the situation gets out of hand.)
  3. I go with the student and speak directly to the parents about the situation and facilitate conversation between student and parents.

One way or the other the situation is communicated to the parents and I speak with them directly.  By giving the students these options it reinforces the student feeling cared for and loved through the situation.  It also allows for more open dialogue with the parents before, during, and after the situation.  As we strive to partner with parents this helps send the message that we are for them – and their student.