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Sabbath Announced


Pastor Peter shared with the congregation today about the planned sabbatical that he and Lisa will be taking for 10 weeks beginning in January. I was so encouraged to hear the applause from the people as he shared the reasons for this extended time away.

I love Peter. He is my pastor, mentor, friend, and brother. I love that we have been able to serve together over the past 10 years. I love the thought of being able to serve alongside him for another 10 years! I know that this sabbatical time for him will be fantastic. As he grows personally he will return to GCC an even more effective leader to us all.

As Pastor Peter shared this morning, we have a phenomenal pastoral staff. We will continue to grow as a body even in his absence. That is the true beauty of the team based ministry that we have at GCC! I am excited at what God will do in Peter during this time but I am also very excited in what God will do in each of us while we learn to depend more on HIM. Keep the Bonanno’s in your prayers as well as all of the pastoral staff of GCC!


Look Who’s Blogging!

My Pastor & friend began blogging today.  You can check out Pastor Peter’s blog here.
He’s been putting it off for quite some time.  I can’t wait to read some of the wisdom that he drops on us all as time goes on…



I’m down at Gordon College today for a meeting with other youth pastors from around New England.  The National Network of Youth Ministries is putting it on.  I’m looking forward to connecting with other leaders around the region.

I saw a Cheesecake Factory on the way down so maybe I’ll grab a couple of the students that are down here that were in Impact last year and treat them BIG!

Podcast Troubles…


…and I have to place the blame right here.  I upgraded to iLife ’08 the other day.  The new version of iWeb was touted as being a “God-send”.  I can’t disagree more.

Anyway, if you had previously subscribed to the Impact Student Ministry Podcast you will need to go to the site and resubscribe as the new version of iWeb has reallocated the domain structure of the former podcast feed.

I have fixed the link in the sidebar to the right as well in case that is how you have found the podcast.  Thanks for putting up with this “bump” in technology.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Needs GCC


Extreme Makeover needs all the Grace Capital volunteers at Jac-pac (off queen city bridge) at 7:45am  on Friday; we will be shuttled to the site.  Bring gloves, trash bags and a rake or shovel if you can…not necessary though.  We will start at one end of the neighborhood and work our way down the street until all garbage is picked up.

The reveal of the new home for the Voisine’s is scheduled for Thursday at 2pm.  After all the cameras are packed up and the crews have headed off to the next project they need us to come in and give the overall neighborhood a clean up.  This isn’t glamorous work but is needed and they knew that they could count on the awesome crew that we have at GCC.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

for additional updates and pictures of the project please visit 

Monday Randomness

In no apparent order today was a day full of randomness.

  • mowed the lawn
  • chiropractor
  • Scotts Step 4 with weed preventer
  • painted back trim section on house
  • picked the last of our summer squash
  • while I had the paint out I painted the bathroom vent, the electrical box, phone & cable box – now they all match the color of the house and blend.  Kim thinks I let my OCD show… I call it detail oriented.
  • chainsaw and a ladder – opened up more view to the back 40
  • leaf blower!
  •  trampoline time with Megan & Makenna (I think I bounced Makenna about 6 feet tonight)
  • story time with Makenna (some book about a butterfly – I love the Concord Library)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts with Kim – COFFEE!
  • picked up my car at the garage and had a great conversation with my mechanic about church growth and pew removal (seats not smells)
  • bath time with the kids – now in bed
  • looking forward to Heroes
  • campfire (well that’s what the permit calls it) more like bonfire that settles down…
  • journaling
  • spent some time praying about an outreach event for next August

Overall a great day.  I feel like I got a lot done and it’s always refreshing being at home with the kids.

Home Makeover Update


The foundation has been poured and the walls are starting to go up!  After about a 6 hour delay due to extra needed excavation (the back yard had been a dump at one point and as the were getting ready to place footings they ran into an old refrigerator!)


Saturday morning they had a sea of people running down the road all gung-ho to get to work.  It’s amazing to see the outpouring of support for Voisine family.  The best of NH is coming out this week thanks in part to ABC and the Extreme Makeover crew.  It’s exciting to see what we can all do when we unite for a common purpose.  I pray that this makeover serves as a catalyst for many people in NH seeing, uniting, and meeting many more needs around us.


Our big day will be Thursday as GCC will be unleashed on the surrounding neighborhood to spruce the place up and leave the entire neighborhood looking better than it did at the beginning of this project.  Can’t wait to see all the people there serving out of love!

For further updates on the Home Makeover project check