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Student Ministry (by & for)

I am so glad that we have developed Impact as a student led ministry!  The perspective that the students bring to the table with what we do makes a world of difference.

It has been a few years now since we transitioned from an adult only leadership and the benefits have been amazing.  We have seen students own this ministry – so much so that they sometimes have things planned all on their own that we know nothing about!

From greeters to worship teams to our small group leaders, we have youth involved in all aspects of our ministry. There is a dramatic difference in the reception of a new person walking through our doors when there are students meeting them and greeting them and introducing them to other students.  Rather than having an adult be the first person they meet they are connected immediately with other students just like themselves.  This sets the tone from the onset that Impact is a place for them.  Having students make the welcome and announcements again sends the message to the students that we as the adults are more interested in sitting with them and getting to know them than in getting up on stage and “putting on a show” for them.

In our small groups we have a great mix of adult leaders and student leaders.  We are always on the lookout for up and coming student leaders that we can work with and get ready to grab a small group of their own.

While there is always the danger of leadership going to their heads and having the students develop some sort of messianic complex we do well to keep an eye on all the leaders and help them remain humble.  No leader is above being corrected – myself included – but that comes from making the invitation to all of the leaders to speak freely if there is anything seen in our lives that does not line up.

First and foremost when identifying new leaders we look for people who are already doing the work.  We look for the natural leaders who just can’t help but serve, and then we work with them and help develop them into even more effective leaders.

The video below shows just one more reason why we empower and release students into leadership.  If we didn’t do this I can think of 2 students (Doug & Drew) that would be outside of Starbucks right now doing the “Frappe Rap”.  Thank God they lead worship instead…

(The idea for this post came from Tim Schmoyer over at Life in Student Ministry)