Archive for September 21st, 2007

B.A.B.E. Event

I am so proud of Kim (my wife) and the whole team of Youth leaders that we have for getting this B.A.B.E. Event put together!  It begins tomorrow morning at 8:30 and there is a great level of excitement in the air.

B. = Beautiful

A. = Accepted

B. = Blessed

E. = Eternally Significant

I can not wait to hear the testimonies that will come from this day with all the girls from around the Northern New England area.  We have Andrea Stephens and Lisa Velthouse here with us this weekend to speak and share with the our young ladies and I know that the message they bring is one that will help correct the twisted, broken message that girls hear from the world that make them try and fit into an image that they are not created to fit into.

Please join me in praying for an amazing day for these girls!