Fantasy Football Week 2

I didn’t update anyone last week because I was just plain embarrassed.   I lost to Jim Moore big time!  This week was quite different.  With my QB being Carson Palmer and the Bengals playing the Browns it was an offensive dream come true.  41 points were awarded to my team from Palmer alone.  A big thank you goes to the Cleveland Browns defense.

Topping off the whole day was the decisive victory (no cameras needed, thank you!) for the New England Patriots.  While I am on the subject of the Pats…

Did anyone else hear what John Madden had to say about the whole video taping issue that Belichick had this past week?  I think it is the first time I have actually heard Madden make sense.  Even if the Pats do have the other teams defensive signals the offense lines up before the defense gets situated so there is no advantage to the team knowing what their signals are.  By the time the defensive coordinator gives the signal for the play the offense has already been called.  No advantage.  So why the big deal about the cheating of Big Bill this past week?  I understand that there are league rules, and I am encouraged by Coach Belichick admitting the wrong doing and getting it behind him, but really, the Eagles wanting to contest the Super Bowl victory from 2003?  Come on!  Does this make me question his integrity?  Umm, yeah.  That goes without saying.  But don’t discredit the work that each of the players on the Patriots team have put in.  Their wins have been on account of their effort, desire, and discipline.  Even if you know what the defense is going to do, you have to have talented players to carry out the drive.  I see the Patriots do that every week.

This video taping episode aside.  The Patriots are a very talented team with men who come together with one single purpose – WIN.  They are lead by one of the, if not THE, best coaches that football has ever seen.  Now, on to Buffalo for another victory!

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