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CrossPoint Send-Off Today


What a great time with the Hooksett Church plant group this afternoon!  It is so exciting to see this group of 70+ people heading out to begin a new work in Hooksett.  My prayers are with Pastors Peter & Deborah as they go out leading the way.  They are great pastors and will do great things with the team that they have at CrossPoint.  Let’s all be praying for them each day as the start out their services next week (9/23) at the new Imax theater in Hooksett.

As we Celebrate, Serve, & Send at GCC – what are you called to do?  Where can you fulfill your calling?  What is it that you are passionate about?  It is so evident that Pastors Peter & Deborah, as well as the whole planting team that leaves us, are called to the Hooksett area.  They will make a great impact in this new area and I pray that many new people enter His Kingdom through their faithfulness to go.