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Christian Tee Shirts Gone Bad


Yes, this is real.  They sell the “certified organic” (come on!  now you’ve gone too far Hippie!) tee shirt for an additional $2.00

Search Terms for RevKev

Every once in a while I will check the stats on my blog and see what search terms people are using to get to “revkevgcc”. Here are some of the funnier terms used to find my blog:

death & fishing

Jon Bon Jovi family vacation

fishing & wish I was dead

Skinny Barry Bonds

Patriots Luxury Suite Ticket Holders

Sexy Youth Pastor (Kim must have been searching for me one day…)

Ferris Bueller Fan Club

Stupid Pretty Girls


PK Music

PK Dating (not in a loooong time)

How do I fix my brat (not sure if they were looking for their kid or their subaru)

Seinfeld reruns

Kramer & Merv Griffin

Salsa Recipes (never gonna get it!)

Anyway, hope you got a chuckle from at least one of them. It’s amazing what people will look for online…

Flow Chart

You’ve all seen flow charts before.  This one works well in most office environments…