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Grateful Parent

I just want to give a HUGE shout out to our Children’s ministry at Grace Capital Church. Not as a Pastor…but as a grateful parent. Words can’t express my gratitude! All of you who serve or have served in children’s ministry…THANK YOU!

Don’t ever underestimate the difference you are making. You have made an eternal difference in my kid’s lives and many others, and Kim and I are eternally thankful for the growth that we are seeing in our kids.

Thank You.

Are there any other parents out there who are grateful and proud of our children’s ministry?  Let Pastor Sondra and her amazing team know!

Parents, let me ask you another question…Is your middle school or high school student connected at church? These are some of the most critical years of their lives as they are bombarded by choices that will affect their entire lives. Let me encourage you to get them connected at Impact. How?

3 ways.

Encourage them to come.  We have specially trained eyes watching all who come in on Wednesday nights.  If they are new they will be greeted by one of our amazing students, introduced to other students, given a tour of the building, and welcomed into one of the existing cell groups with other students their age.

Call or email me and let me know who they are.  We will have one of the students from Impact call them and personally invite them to come and join us.  When they do come they will be given the same treatment as above.

Grab me on Sunday mornings and I will gladly greet your teen as well as introduce them to other students that they may already know.  We can share individually with you and your student about Impact and personally invite them to come.

Our desire is to impact youth throughout Central NH with the love of Jesus.  We’d love the chance to connect your teens with Impact.